Donna’s remarkable journey to break a world record by running a marathon in Antarctica was featured on 7 News Sunrise, showcasing the rigorous training she undergoes to prepare for this unparalleled challenge.

An Australian athlete with a passion for pushing boundaries, has set sights on an audacious goal—running an astounding 1300 kilometers in just 30 days across the frigid expanse of Antarctica. To achieve this remarkable feat, Donna knows that rigorous training in extreme conditions is essential.

During the interview with 7 News Sunrise, Donna provided viewers with an exclusive glimpse into her training regimen.


Supported by Titan Containers

With the generous support of Titan Containers, a leading container solutions provider (, Donna was able to replicate the icy cold conditions of Antarctica in two specially modified shipping containers.

In one container set at 5 degrees Celsius, Donna experienced the chilling conditions that mimic the driest and coldest desert on Earth. This environment allowed her to simulate running in the extreme cold she will face in Antarctica, preparing her body for the challenges that lie ahead.

In the second container, set at a bone-chilling -40 degrees Celsius, Donna pushed her limits further. Enduring sub-zero temperatures, she embraced the harshness of Antarctica’s climate, mentally and physically preparing herself for the extreme temperatures she will encounter during her marathon.

Donna’s dedication and commitment to training in these extreme conditions demonstrate her unwavering determination and resilience. By sharing this behind-the-scenes glimpse, she aims to inspire others to embrace challenges, pursue their dreams, and push their boundaries beyond what they thought possible.

Featured on 7 News Sunrise

As a prominent advocate for adventure and sports enthusiasts, Run Antarctica recognizes the importance of pushing personal limits, fostering a spirit of exploration, and embracing the unknown.

To learn more about Donna Urquhart’s ambitious quest and follow her progress as she prepares for the historic Antarctic marathon, please visit the interview on 7 News Sunrise: