In a recent interview with 3AW, Donna Urquhart, an extraordinary ultra-marathon runner, revealed her ambitious goal of running an astounding 1300km through Antarctica in just 30 days later this year. This incredible feat aims to push the boundaries of human endurance and serve as an inspiration for young girls to stay engaged in sports.

Neil Mitchell, the host of 3AW, expressed his astonishment at the magnitude of Donna’s upcoming endeavor, stating,

“We’ve featured countless stories of exceptional human endurance on our program, but this takes it to a whole new level.”

Donna Urquhart, driven by a desire to explore the limits of human potential in polar conditions, is determined to set a new record through her Antarctic run. Additionally, she aims to leverage this extraordinary challenge as a platform to raise awareness for girls in sports. Shockingly, statistics show that 50 per cent of girls abandon sports during their teenage years, making Donna’s mission all the more crucial.

“We want to use this incredible journey to shed light on the importance of girls participating in sports,” – Donna emphasized during her conversation with Neil Mitchell.

She hopes to inspire and empower young girls to persevere and excel in athletic endeavours by undertaking this monumental feat.

To learn more about Donna Urquhart’s inspiring journey and her goals for the 1300km run through Antarctica, press PLAY to listen to the full interview on 3AW.