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Charity Partners

All funds we raise will go to supporting charity organisations that aim to make a significant impact on keeping girls active, with a strong focus on mental fitness.

Foundation operates full-time, intensive mentoring programs for First Nations girls and young women in schools, with the aim of improving education outcomes.

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The Danny Frawley Centre aims to build the mental fitness within the community to help people better cope with life’s ups and downs by combining mental and physical fitness.

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Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund proudly invests in Australia’s sporting stars of today and tomorrow by providing financial scholarships to support and empower talented young athletes who are facing barriers to achieving their dreams.

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GAME and its local partner SCORE Somaliland assist communities to identify available safe spaces for young people, and in particular, girls and young women, to play sport. Sports has long been considered valuable for fostering communication and building bridges between communities in conflict, and to have special characteristics that can contribute to achieving non-sport goals, such as inclusion, cohesion and the rights of women and children. There are six GAME zone training grounds in Hargeisa and Barbera where 100 volunteer sports coaches – half of them women – run street sports activities for local young people. The Run Antarctica project is aiming to raise funds to sustain and help create more GAME Zones and programs in Somaliland. GAME was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is now making a difference across Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

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How to get involved

Join us in empowering young girls and women in sport by getting involved with Run Antarctica. Here’s how you can:

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Phillips Foundation

The Phillips Foundation focuses on programs that help young people in Australia and developing countries build skills, confidence and resilience through participation in a combination of education, sport and social activities.

In a unique partnership, The Phillips Foundation is providing financial support to Run Antarctica’s fundraising campaign.

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Explore, Educate, Empower: Partner with EmpowerHER Sport!

Partner with us to empower females to harness sport and unlock their full potential throughout life. Apply now to find out more about how you can become involved with EmpowerHER Sport.

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